New report. Newsletter subscription.

Example of the report

Added a report on events in the device group to the set of standard reports of the service. Previously, an event report could be obtained for each individual object. In the additional report, you can get all the events that occurred on all devices in the current group. A report is generated for the requested time interval.

Events in the report are sorted by the date they occurred on the objects. In addition to the date and name of the object, the report contains the coordinates of the location at which the event occurred. The last column in square brackets displays the name of the event and the address of the location in which it occurred. The address is the address of the neighborhood in which the event occurred, and not the exact address of the coordinates. In reports generated in the web client application, when you click on the coordinates, a map with a marker of exact coordinates is displayed.

Button to the subscribe of the newsletter

A button has been added to the Account panel allowing you to subscribe to the newsletter of updates and new features of the service. Previously, the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter was only through the site. Now all service account owners can do this in the service’s web application. If you are subscribed to the newsletter, you can unsubscribe from it in the same panel. The newsletter arrives at the email address that is registered as the login to the service. Users who are not owners of accounts can subscribe through the service website. For them, the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter is provided through a link in the body of the letter - “Unsubscribe”.
Example of newsletter:

Dear subscriber,
A new feature in Onebrella service:
Statistics of objects messages and creation of POI from "Most visited places".
More details:
Post: /pages/object-statistics.html
Thanks for being a subscriber.
Best regards,
Onebrella support team
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