Latest news - June,12 2019

GPS direction (arrow icon) added for the last position of the object. In the web application in the "Help" added video tutorial "Object::Settings" - demonstration of how to customize objects view on the map and in the object list.
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Vialatm is an easy-to-use web service with key features:

  • one platform for GPS tracking and IOT
  • wide range of vehicle/personal trackers and mobile applications
  • work with BLE sensors and IoT devices
  • access via Web, Android, and IOS applications, with the possibility of receiving push events notifications
  • simple and comfortable tools for creating and editing geofences and POIs
  • reports and graphs to monitor and analyze the operation of objects
  • convenient interface for defining event notifications
  • opportunity to structure objects into groups
  • creating your users and assigning roles for them
  • building links for external observers (for an object or group of objects)
  • a built-in scripting language that allows you to customize the business logic of the platform flexible
  • access via REST API for enhanced capabilities and integration with other systems
  • interface in 12 languages ​​(no problem to quickly add a new language)
  • "White labeling". Access to the service from service provider web sites. Service providers can organize business under their brand
GPS tracking for small business

GPS tracking for small business

GPS tracking platform allows you to receive information about where today transport, where vehicles traveled in specified time frames. The service has everything you need to monitor a small fleet of vehicles. This service generates reports such as mileage, fuel consumption, and visited specific locations. Detailed reports generated in the form of charts and tables. ViaLatM gives notice about various events related to vehicles and supports a variety of car trackers.

IoT platform with a simple and friendly interface

This service supports the work with objects from the scope of the "Internet of Things". It will help you to control and organize the effective work of around your everyday items and as a result, you save money, time and your nerves! By using the scripting language, you can configure the interaction between objects, automated sending of commands and receive notifications based on statuses of devices and sensors. Our projects make the IoT world simple and user-friendly.

IoT platform with a simple and friendly interface
GPS tracking and IoT platform for personal use

GPS tracking and IoT platform for personal use

GPS tracking platform allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your family members, to receive information on their arrival or leaving of specific locations. Hence, it can solve the problem of the lack of safety for family and loved ones. For friends and colleagues, it can be used to keep informed about the delays in arrival for meetings and to share interesting walking routes and travel. Using this service, you can create "live" history of walks and treks, providing them with a photo in Shared Track App. It also supports a variety of GPS phone apps and GPS trackers for kids.

GPS trackers, protocols and mobile apps supported by GPS tracking and IoT platform

If your device, application or protocol is not listed, contact us.


Features Free Basic Pro
Objects max 6 max 20 max 100
Mobile App
Notification 2 per unit/day 12 per unit/day unlimited
Geofence/POI max 12 max 36 unlimited
Report 4 per day 20 per day unlimited
Chart 8 per day 32 per day unlimited
Script -
Price Free €15.49 / month €54.99 / month

All new clients registered before May 12, 2019, and existing clients can use any tariff plan free of charge until July 1, 2019.

To discuss the possibilities: more than 100 objects, White label, Service provider, Rest API contact us.

The release of the Vialatm service version for installation on customers' servers is planned for August 2019. Prices for this software will be announced in July 2019.