Updates in Telegram Bot

Updates in Telegram Bot
Command synonyms

Added synonyms for signin and signout commands:

  • login - the synonym for command signin
  • logout - the synonym for command signout

Examples of using:

 login username@company.com password
/login user@site.com psw
Display format for notifications and device data

The format for displaying device information and notifications has been changed. Earlier there were 3 messages: device name; a fragment of the map with the location of the device; information about the latest event or notification. In the updated version, 2 messages are received: a fragment of a map with the location of the device and the name of the device with information about the last event or notification. The device name and notification (if present in the message) are in bold. A fragment of the map may be missing if the message did not include device coordinates.

Notifications in the Telegram groups

A new notif command has been added to the bot. Using this command, you can display notifications from Onebrella objects in Telegram groups. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Signin to VialatmBot
  2. Create Telegram group
  3. Add other Telegram users and VialatmBot to this group
  4. While in this group, execute the notif command

After enabling notifications, all members of the group will receive messages about events in your account. The notifications will also be available to those members of the group who do not have an account in the Onebrella service.

Parameters for the notif command:

  • notif on - enable notifications display mode. In this case, notifications will go to the group and VialatmBot.
  • notif group - enable notifications display mode. Notifications will only go to the Telegram group.
  • notif off - disable the notification display mode. In this case, notifications will continue to flow to the user's VialatmBot.

Several users with accounts in the Onebrella service and logged into their VialatmBot can enable in one group the modes of displaying notifications from objects in their accounts. In this case, notifications from different accounts will be displayed in this group. Notifications can only be enabled in one group. Other information about working with Telegram bot can be found in the publication Access to Onebrella from Telegram