Tech Support

Tech Support

The Technical Support block has been moved to a separate item on the main menu. It is available only to account owners; it is not available to sub-users. Now the account holder has access to the history of requests to the technical support. When creating a request for technical support, you must specify a subject; it is displayed in the list of request history. In the text of the request, it is necessary to give a more detailed description of the problem and indicate the data necessary for the analysis and solution of the problem (IMEI of the object, the name of the group, ...). When you click on a list item, it is displayed in a separate window. This window chronologically displays the history of responses to the request.

In the request history list, messages are marked (background of the item) in accordance with their status:

  • White - the request processed and completed
  • Red - the request is being processed by the support service
  • Green - the request has been processed. The support service gave the response. It is necessary for the user to close ("Finish") the request or make clarifications upon technical support response.

After creating responses from technical support, the user receives a notification directly in the web application.

Please before sending a request to the technical support, check your problem in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section on the home page.