Updates Map Providers. Google maps are not available


After collecting and analyzing data on the use of maps in the Onebrella service, a decision was made to stop displaying Google maps in the service. The decision is due to the very high price requested by Google. Free of charge per month, you can display no more than 28,000 cards. Anything above these values is payable. For displaying 1000 cards you need to pay $7. For one user, the number of free cards is quite enough, but for a service with a large number of users that is constantly growing, this can be too expensive. According to today's assessment, when using Google maps, we will have to pay more than 1000 dollars per month.

There are no opportunities to delegate payment to users who are willing to pay for their use of cards. According to the "Google Maps Platform Terms of Service" (Last modified: May 02, 2019), this is not permissible ("3.2.4 Restrictions Against Misusing the Services"):

(f) No Circumventing Fees. Customer will not circumvent the applicable Fees. For example, Customer will not create multiple billing accounts or Projects to avoid incurring Fees, prevent Google from accurately calculating Customer’s Service usage levels, abuse any free Service quotas, or offer access to the Services under a “time-sharing” or “service bureau” model.

There is a clause in the same document:

(e) No Use With Non-Google Maps. Customer will not use the Google Maps Core Services in a Customer Application that contains a non-Google map. For example, Customer will not (i) display Places listings on a non-Google map, or (ii) display Street View imagery and non-Google maps in the same Customer Application.

This can be legally interpreted as the need to remove from the service all other map providers and free geolocation services.

The service added 8 new sources of cartographic data. Including OpenStreetMap for Germany, France, Switzerland. They are located at the end of the list of available service providers (as shown in the figure).