Functions for service providers

The Onebrella service is organized to support the work of service providers. Service providers can create their customers and tariff plans. The functionality for the service providers will expand. Currently, the following options are available to service providers:

  • Your logo in the login dialog.
  • Your logo and company name in reports.
  • Send notifications from your email address.
  • Your home page for login to the service.
  • The opportunity to work under your domain name.
  • The creation of tariffs with a restriction on the maximum number of devices and defining of a service price for these tariffs.
  • Creating clients and assigning tariffs for them.
  • Setting the date to which the customer's subscription is valid.
  • Recording info of user payments.
  • Preparing, configuring and transferring devices to your clients' accounts.

In order to obtain the status of a service provider, you must write a request to the address -

Tools for the service provider are located in the user's account panel.

Get service provider id

Service provider id is assigned by the administrator of the Onebrella service.

"Settings" panel

In the "Settings" panel, you upload your logos, company names and configure the email from which notifications will be sent.

Upload service provider logo

"Tariff Management" panel

Tariffs are created and edited in the "Tariffs Management" panel. Active tariffs have a green background, not active - yellow.

Open tariff management panel

You can only delete those tariffs that are not assigned to any user. When editing an existing tariff, you can only change tariff status and enter a comment.

Create new tariff

"Client Management" panel

In the client list, the "lock" icon means that this client is blocked.

Special icons in the tariffs

In the client's editing panel, operations are performed with the selected client and the history of all operations with this client is displayed.

History of the updates for the specific client