Object Event Notifications

The service completely updated the system for creating and working with notifications about the events of IOT objects and GPS trackers. Notifications can be created by the events of entering/leaving from geofences(virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area); the delaying of receiving messages from the object within a given time; events generated on the objects and values of any properties of messages coming from the objects.

Define notification for a specific event type

You choose when and how you can receive the notification and can choose the message of the notification and how it will be delivered.

Define channels for delivery of the notifications

If there is an SOS contained in the notification message, when a notification arrives in the browser page, a dialog window appears with your chosen message text. In order to show the concrete value of a parameter(speed, battery charge, ...), you must specify the %1 in the message of your text.

Processing SOS in the notifications

If you want to create the same type of notifications for a group of devices, you do not need to define them for each object. You can define notifications for a group. If the notifications are defined for the object, then the settings for the object are applied, otherwise, the notification settings for the group are applied.

Define notifications for all objects in the group