Person associated with object

Updated management model of persons associated with objects. Added the ability to add photos of people (photo uploading is available only after creating a person record).

The person associated with the object is the driver, courier or family member who currently uses or drives the object. Binding a person to an object can be done either manually, through the web client of the application, or automatically through RFID attributes transmitted by the trackers. After the process of creating persons and periodically linking them to objects, you can receive reports on persons (“Driver”) in the service.

Fill attributes for a specific person

Service providers can define their own set of fields.

Define set attributes via service provider panel

The lines are used to specify the identifier and the name of the field. Line format: "ident Name of attribute". The identifier can contain only Latin letters and numbers. The ident "name" is reserved for internal use in the service. When expanding the functionality of the service, a search by the attributes of the person associated with the object will be available. Additional reports will allow you to display not only information about the work of a particular person but also by who and when worked with a particular service object.