Bonus points program for leave review

Bonus points program

When the monetization of the service begins, the possibilities of free tariffs will be limited (by the number of devices, by the time the events are stored, ...). The set of tariff plans will be expanded, additional restrictions will be introduced on the number of notifications and reports for time intervals, reports by email, and others.

Implemented the ability to use paid tariffs and paid features of the service by bonus points. 1 bonus point is taken equal to 1 euro.

How to earn bonus points will be described in a separate document on the site. On July 14, 2020, the “Leave a review, get bonus points” campaign starts. The campaign ends on August 12, 2020.

To translate from and into English, you can use the Google translator:

We do not ask that the review be positive, we will be grateful and appreciate any objective review. If you leave a review and it appears in the list of reviews, please let us know by email with the review details (first name, last name, company name, ...) So that we can identify that this is your review and award you bonus points.

Users with bonus points (even after using them) have additional advantages:

  • The permissible time of inactivity of devices and users for them doubles in comparison with the standard time of inactivity.
  • Technical support for such users is carried out in priority mode.