Tariffs Comparison

Active tariffs

Free Light2A Light8A BasicA Pro100A Pro250A Pro500A
Max objects 2 2 8 20 100 250 500
Real-time tracking
Mobile apps
Telegram, Viber
Max history in days 1 30 180 360 720 720 720
Geofence, POI
Google maps
Report by email
Price per 30 days 0.00 2.40 9.00 21.00 54.00 102.00 195.00

How to make payment

Effective Date: December 03, 2020. All prices in euro.

The set of tariff plans may change over time. New tariffs will be added, and some of the current ones will be moved to the archive. But at the same time, users who have chosen a tariff that is moved to the archived state will be able to continue using this tariff. Also, the above table will be added with new lines as new functionality is introduced in the service. With a positive balance, the user can at any time change his tariff to any other, if the limit on the number of objects in the new tariff is observed. If at the same time it is necessary to remove devices from the service, do not forget to stop or reconfigure them so that they do not send messages to the service.