How to create users and give them permissions


To create a user, click on the "Account" item in the main menu. In the "Account" panel, click on the button of the context menu and click on the "User" item in the list that opens. A panel opens with a list of users of the current group.

If you want to create a user in another group and give him access only to certain objects, then before creating the user, you need to go to this group (if you need, you can create a new group). You can move an object (or objects) to a user group or create links to the necessary objects.

To create a user, click on the button of the context menu in the panel of the list of users of the current group and select "Create". This opens the user creation panel. In it, you specify the username and password of the new user. Also, you can specify the user name, email address, and the date till which the account of the created user will be valid.

You can also determine access rights to resources/actions available in the service. You can completely hide resources/actions from the user or vice versa, give him full access to these resources. An example is given in the video - the user is completely denied access to the "User" resource (it is not displayed in the context menu) and full access to the "Group" resource is given (i.e., the user can create and delete groups within the group in which he is created).

At the end of user creation, its username and password are displayed, which you can copy and send to the user. When you set the username "User1", the service will create a unique id (for example: 123) as prefix and the user should log in to the service with the username "123/User1".

At any time, you can edit the attributes of the created user.

On the Vialam service YouTube channel, a three minutes video presentation is available.

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