How to send a message to the user or all users in the group

User message

The service can send messages to users. You can send a message to a specific user. This is done through the user's context menu - the item "Send :: Message". Or you can send messages to all users in the current group. This is done through the context menu of the “User” panel - “Send :: Message” item.

Selecting this item opens the "Message :: User" panel. The “Time (min)” field sets the time during which the message is active. Time is set in minutes. If the user login the service after this time, the message will not be shown to him.

When the “Push” field is marked, in addition to displaying the message in the web client, a "Push" notification is generated, which is sent to the user's mobile applications and the browser. The user will receive a push notification if he is logged into a mobile application or web client in a browser. In the “Message” field, the text of the message is entered, which will be displayed to the user in a dialog window in the web client or the text of the push notification.

If the "Action" field is empty, the “Ok” button is displayed in the message dialog window for the user. You can define several buttons and set their text. For example: “Yes, No” or “Ready, Not ready“. In the next service updates, a functional will be implemented that allows you to fix which button the user clicked when a message appears. It will also be possible to display the “List of users who received the message” report. You can preview the prepared message. To do this, click on the "Preview" button at the bottom of the dialog window.