I am looking for partners (updated October 12, 2018)

Dear Reader,
I am looking for partners to establish a company or join an existing company to make business based on my project VIALATM.COM.
The project has been developing and improving from users feedback for the last 2.5 years.
Recently, there was an increase in customers who use the service every day (about 300 unique customers a day).
More than 1500 devices are connected to the service: car trackers, personal trackers, mobile applications and IOT devices (20 units that work using the MQTT protocol).

Demo access: https://vialatm.com/bt.html?m=demo&lang=EN

The service has mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms which allow users to track, control and receive notifications about events on users' devices.
Script language allows customizing business logic of processing messages.
The service has a REST API, and it allows to extend the service capabilities by third-party developers.
The service provides tools to support the work of service providers (third-party companies that organize business based on VIALATM). "White label" is also available (logos, email addresses and domains of service providers).

I have many years of experience in software development but less experience in business and marketing.
For more effective work on the project with partners, I am ready to relocate to another country.

Looking forward to hearing any questions, suggestions or advice by email a.orlov@vialatm.com

Andrei Orlov,
VIALATM Service Creator