Menu in the tooltip for an object on the map

Object address

In the service added the ability to call the context menu of an object from the tooltip of an object's marker on the map. The tooltip opens when you click on the object marker on the map. The tooltip displays the name and current values of attributes of the object. The set of attributes displayed in the tooltip is set by the user through the context menu - Basic information - button Tooltip organizer. In the updated version, to the right of the object name in the tooltip, a button for calling the context menu has been added. When you click on this button, the context menu for the selected object opens on the map. Previously, to call the context menu, it was required to open the table of objects and click on the same icon to the left of the object. Now without opening the table of objects, you can modify the name of the object, change the set of the attributes displayed in the tooltip (the changed set of the attributes appears when a new message arrives from the object or when the application screen is manually refreshed). You can also display a mini-panel of the selected object on top of the map, view and display the last tracks of this object, view the track of this object for the current day, display a mileage/parking report of this object for the current day, create notification rules for this object and make it available to external observers (or vice versa hide this availability), as well as all other functions that are available for this object.

It is important to note that the content of the menu depends on the rights of the current user, on the type of object, and can also be truncated for objects that are present in this group as shortcuts. This function is most useful and demanded in mobile versions of the service application.

On the Vialam service YouTube channel, a one-minute video presentation is available.