Where is original? I mean world map on coffee.

After the publication of the article "How I was deceived through contacting designer Ramin Nasibov (Berlin, Germany)" I once again looked at the works of Ramin Nasibov. My attention was attracted by an image on Twitter(https://twitter.com/RaminNasibov) for the company "Coffeepolitan". Absolutely no difficulty was to find this image with a world map on coffee. It is located on the site shutterstock https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-photo/world-map-on-coffee-149310710?src=qpSfDO9yV0D_pe7N3ucT2A-1-85

The cup by itself and background on images are different, but there are a lot of cups and wooden backgrounds not only on the shutterstock site. Also, the Nasibov cup has a very strange shadow.

I wonder which of these images of the world map on coffee is the original, and which is a just copy?

By the way, Ramin Nasibov has two websites http://nasibov.me/ and http://pixelin.me/ with impressum

July 18, 2017