How I was deceived through contacting designer Ramin Nasibov (Berlin, Germany)

On June 12th through Twitter I received a message:

Are looking for a freelance designer and social media manager? Professional Branding and Social Media Design. Porfolio: If you have any questions please email me :

I needed to complete the main page of my site I inquired about the prices and immediately received an offer to discuss everything in Skype.

After 30 minutes we held a meeting in Skype and agreed that within a week he would prepare images for my main page. He requested an advance payment - 50% of total price.

After 2 hours I received a request for payment and immediately processed it:

After that, contacting and communicating with him became problematic. One time - he was far from the computer, another time - he had a problem with the Internet and so on.

On June 22, I had not any results and any successful attempt to negotiate, I asked for refund of the advance payment.

On June 23, I wrote another letter about the situation and warned that I would try to find access to him through other channels.

There were no answers.

I had to buy a website design in another company.

On June 25, I sent a claim to the payment system Payoneer.

After that, he appeared.

On June 27, I received a message from him in Skype:

Hello Andrey. As a result of the action of the group by the scammer and the burglars, I lost access to my own social networks, mail and Skype. Unfortunately you had to communicate with scammers on my behalf. As a result, not only you, but also other users were deceived. The criminals professionally mimicked my content in social networks and in contacting clients requested advances. At the moment, with the help of a lawyer and right services, I was able to return access to my social networks and Skype. After gaining access back I was shocked by the correspondence and the number of cheated people. At the moment, I draft an application to the relevant authorities and contact the deceived customers. Since the fraudsters in a certain way managed to get money, I have to work for clients for free and without any fees. I’m really sorry Andrey. Are you interested in receiving your order?

However, I duplicated all last messages by email, in Skype and Twitter. Throughout this period in the Twitter appeared links to his new works.

On June 28, he sent a message via email and Skype, with a proposal to perform work in a few days.

I refused and insisted on a refund (For two weeks I did not receive anything, and he responded only after I contacted Payoneer!!!). I still have not received my money back and still do not have any response.

July 7, 2017