This section lists all devices and communication protocols, which are supported by VIALATM. To configure a device or app, it is normally necessary to set the service ip/host and port, which will be used to exchange data. You will find the corresponding settings for every device on this list. How the configuration of a particular device can be done is described in the manufacturer documentation.


Name IP/Host Port Comment
MQTT 8701 Internet of Things
EGTS 7706 Era Glonass
WIALONIPS 7717 Wialon
WIALONCOMBINE 7753 Wialon Combine
OSMAND 7729 (https - 7708) OSM automated navigation directions


All devices should be configured to the ip:

Name Port Types
GENERIC 7710 Xexun, Coban, Eelink, Suntech, GpsMarker, Minifinder, TK102, TK201, IB-GT102, GL100, GL200, GL300, GT100, ET100, Jimi Ji08, TK909, TK907, TKSTAR, TK-STARC8, TK808, TK103, TK206OBD, GT003, TK106, TR80, GT02, TR02, GPS102, GPS103, GPS104, TK303, Gosafe G91L, H020 Multi-Function, XY006 Watch GPS Tracker, G01, G02, G05, TK200A, TK06A, TK103B, GT02, TK102B, TK100, TK110, GT06, TK103, A118C, DV10, DV12, SHO-ME, Q50 W5 Bluetooth 4.0 GSM, H02 and many others
CargoUFC 7721 all models
TOPIN 7720 Topin GPS tracker. ZhongXun Topin Locator
TELTONIKA 7705 FM - all models, GH1200, GH1201, GH1202, GH3000
MEITRACK 7727 all models
RUPTELA 7714 FM-Pro4, FM-Eco4+, FM-Tco4, FM-Eco4 light
GALILEO 7711 all models
BCE 7719 FM Light, FM Light+, FM Blue, FM Blue+
IWATCHERAVL 7747 all models
TLT2H 7736 Tlt2h/Tlt2n, V-Sun v520/v521
GLOBALSAT 7703 TR203, TR206, GTR-128/129
ASC 7713 ASC-1, ASC-3, ASC-7, ASC7-GE, ASC-8
ARNAVI 7742 all models
CGUARD 7743 all models
NAVISTRACK 7716 all models