How to make payment

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How to make payment

To make a payment, you need to open a panel with payment history. This can be done by clicking on the "Make a payment" icon in the main menu or open the "Account" panel (the rightmost icon in the main menu). In the panel that opens, at the top, there is a gray button with the name of the current tariff. When you click on this button, a panel with current information and payment history will open.

If you have not yet chosen a tariff, then before making a payment, you must select the tariff that suits you. You can view the list of tariffs and their capabilities by clicking on the link Tariff. It is located in the title of the payment history panel. You may need to delete some of the objects because the tariff plans have restrictions on the maximum number of objects.

In the bottom row of the payment history panel there are buttons:

  • Make a payment - If the tariff is not selected, then this button is not enabled.
  • Use bonuses - If you do not have bonuses, then this button is not enabled.
  • Change Tariff - If you have a negative balance, then this button is not enabled. Before changing the tariff, you must pay off the balance debt. When you change the tariff plan, the compliance of the number of objects registered in your account with the maximum allowable number of objects of the selected tariff is checked.


When you click on the Make a payment button, a window opens in which you need to enter the payment amount. An amount is a number of euros, which, when paid, will be credited to your balance. The minimum payment amount is 2 euros. Enter the required amount and click Ок.

A page with additional information will open (the page is displayed in English only). This page will display the balance and the expiration date of the subscription that will take effect after you deposit the amount of your choice. If everything suits you, then you can proceed to payment.

Section Fondy payment service
When you click on this button, you go to the Fondy payment service ( In the Fondy service page, you make a payment by bank card.

Section PayPal
Here you can pay via your PayPal account or pay by bank card using PayPal service. Payment is accepted only from Personal accounts. PayPal does not allow payments from one business account to another business account.

When paying using the Use bonuses button, in the window that opens, you enter the number of bonuses that will be transferred to your balance.

Important notes

  • Funds are debited from the user's balance daily (at 00:01 GMT +0:00 for the previous day).
  • If for three consecutive days, the user's balance is negative, then the user account will be locked.
  • If an account is locked due to a negative balance, messages from all account objects are ignored and not saved.
  • Accounts that have been locked out for more than 90 days are automatically removed from the service.
  • The payment amount may be less (or more) than the payment amount for the selected tariff. But we recommend that you stick to the payment of the tariff price.
  • Since the process of debiting from a bank card may incur currency conversion costs, we always add 2% of the payment amount to the account balance.