Supported trackers/protocols

This section lists all devices and communication protocols, which are supported by VIALATM. To configure a device or app, it is normally necessary to set the service ip/host and port, which will be used to exchange data. You will find the corresponding settings for every device on this list. How the configuration of a particular device can be done is described in the manufacturer documentation.


All devices should be configured to the ip: To transfer data select protocol - TCP.
If the device allows you to configure by domain name, then it is better to set instead of ip.

Manufacturer Port Models
Teltonika 7705 FMB120, FM1100, FMB920, FMA120, FMB125, FM1110, FMA110, FM3612, FM1120, FMA202, FM1200, FM1125, FM5300, FM4200, FMB110, FMB010, FMB630, FM1202, FM2200 and all other models
7705 GH1200, GH1201, GH1202, GH3000, GH4000
Ruptela 7714 FM-Tco4 HCV, FM-Tco4 LCV, FM-Eco4+ S, FM-Eco4 light S, FM-Pro4, FM-Plug4, FM-Eco4 light
Queclink 7748 GV300, GV55, GL300, GL500, GV75, GL520, GMT100, GV200, GL505, GL300VC, GV55 Lite, GL300W, GL500M GV65, GV320, GV50M, GV600W, GT300, GV500, GL200
Concox 7748 GT06N, WeTrack 2, GT06E, AT4, GT08, MT200, GT100, GT800, GV20, GT06F, GT03A, ET25, GT710 GV25, X1, X3, HVT001, Qbit, GT300, GT02D, OB22, Q2, CRX-1
Jimi IoT Co., Ltd. 7748 JM01, GV20, JV200, GV25, JC100, Ji09, JM08, Ji08, Ji03
Meitrack 7727 MVT380, VT300/VT310, T1, MT90, MVT600, MVT800, T366G, T366, T333, MVT100, P99G, MVT340, T622 TC68, T322, T355, TC68SG, GT30/GT60, MVT400, MDVR, T311
Xexun 7748 TK-103, TK103-2, XT-008, TK-102, TK102-2, TK102-B
Coban 7748 GPS-303, GPS-103, GPS-311, GPS-308, GPS-108, GPS-104, GPS-102, GPS-103, GPS-306, GPS-102
Eelink 7748 TK115, TK116, TK319, TK319-L, TK319-H, GPT-06, GPT26, TK121, K20, K20, K30, GPT12, TK119, TK119-3G, GPT18, GPT15, GOT08, TK419
Suntech 7748 ST600, ST640, ST3300, ST300, ST340, ST310U, ST330, ST4300, ST4340, ST4940
MiniFinder 7748 Pico, Atto, Zepto, Nano
Cantrack Cantrack 7748 G05, TK103B, Secumore G200, TK100, TK100 v2, G02, G01, TK06A
Blueberry Technology 7748 GT06, GT06N, TR06, TR02, GT02A, GT02B, GT07, TR06A, GT09B
Systems & Technology Corp. 7707 Intellitrac X1, IntelliTrac A1, IntelliTrac X8, IntelliTrac U1, CAREU U1 PLUS, CAREU U1 Lite Plus, CAREU UCAN CAREU UECO, CAREU UGO, IntelliTrac P1
GlobalSat 7703 GTR-128/129, TR-600, TR-203, TR-313, TR-206
iWatcher 7747 i-Watcher AVL, i-Watcher CAN, i-Watcher Cellular Alarm, i-Watcher LOCK, i-Watcher OBD, i-Watcher GUARD
Baltic Car Equipment 7719 FM Light, FMS500 ONE, FMS500 Light, FMS500 StCAN, FM Blue, FMS500 Light+, FM Light+, FM Blue+
APK COM 7713 ASC-1, ASC-3, ASC-3 Lite, ASC-7, ASC7-GE, ASC-8
Galileosky 7711 7.0, 7.0 light, OBD-II, 7.0 WiFi, Base Block light, Base Block optimum, 5.0, 5.1, 4.0
Topin 7720 G1(605), G2(605), Topin GPS tracker. ZhongXun Topin Locator
Cargo UFC 7721 Cargo Light 2, Cargo Light, Cargo Mini 2, Cargo Pro, Cargo Pro 2, CarGo Spy
V-Sun Electronics Co. Ltd 7736 TLT-2K, TLT-2H, TLT-2N, V-Sun v520, V-Sun v521
Alematics 7742 AE1, AM1, AM3, AM7, AE3, AT1
GPS BOX 7712 GB101, GB102, GB103, GB140, GB400
Totem 7748 AT02, AT04, AT05, AT05-3G, AT07, AT07-3G, AT09, AT09-3G
SinoTrack 7748 ST-901, ST-901M, ST-903A, ST-915c, ST-902
Wondex 7726 VT-10, VT-300, VT-360, M7, M7 D2
Huabao 7744 HB-A8E, HB-A5E, HB-A5D, HB-A6, HB-A7B
Amit 7728 VHG Series
Easy Storage 7702 Devices with GPS support
Mikrotik 7737 Devices with GPS support
YunTrack 7751 CJ230
WanWay 7722 All models
Generic type. 7748 If you did not find your device among those listed above, set port 7748 for it, the service will try to automatically recognize the protocol used by the device, and connect it to work in the system. Many devices (such as GpsMarker, Gosafe G91L, H020 multifunction, XY006 Watch GPS tracker, SHO-ME, Q50 W5 Bluetooth 4.0 GSM, ...) work correctly on this port.


Name IP/Host Port Comment
MQTT 8701 Internet of Things
EGTS 7706 Era Glonass
WIALONIPS 7717 Wialon
WIALONCOMBINE 7753 Wialon Combine
OSMAND 7729 (https - 7708) OSM automated navigation directions
TTN 7741 The Things Network. LoRaWAN trackers and IoT sensors