This section lists all devices, apps and communication protocols, which are supported by ViaLatM. To configure a device or app it is normally necessary to set the service name and port, which will be used to exchange data. You will find the corresponding settings for every device in this list. How the configuration of a particular device can be done is described in the manufacturer documentation. If you don't find your device in this list - set the IP address to, port to 7726, turn it on and let it work for a while. After that contact our technical support.

Supported protocols

  • MQTT (Internet of Things) host: port: 8701
  • EGTS (Era Glonass) ip: port: 7706
  • WIALON_IPS (Wialon) ip: port: 7717
  • OSMAND (OSM automated navigation directions) host: port: 7729
  • GPSGATE (GpsGate Server Protocol) host: port: 7744

Trackers and devices

All devices should be configured to the ip:

When sending by TCP

  • Xexun port: 7701
    (TK102, TK201, IB-GT102)
  • GLX00 port: 7740
  • CGUARD port: 7743
    (all models)
  • ARNAVI port: 7742
    (all models)
  • GT100 port: 7739
    (GT100,ET100б,Jimi Ji08)
  • H02 port: 7738
  • TK103 port: 7733
    (TK103, TK206OBD, GT003, TK106, TR80)
  • SUNTECH port: 7734
    (all models)
  • NAVITECH port: 7737
    (Signal, Smart)
  • GT02 port: 7735
  • TLT2H port: 7736
    (Tlt2h/Tlt2n, V-Sun v520/v521)
  • Coban port: 7701
    (GPS102, GPS103, GPS104, TK303)
  • GlobalSat port: 7703
    (TR151, TR203, TR206, GTR-128/129)
  • Teltonika GH port: 7704
    (GH1200, GH1201, GH1202, GH3000)
  • Teltonika FM port: 7705
    (FM1100, FM1120, FM1200, FM1202, FM3200, FM3300, FM3400, FM4200, FM5300, FM5500)
  • Gosafe port: 7708
    (G3, G6, G71, G91, G92, G26, G606, G616, G626, G737, G828, G717, G777, G797)
  • PromaSat port: 7708
    (Proma Sat 1000, Proma Sat 787, Proma Sat 797, Proma Sat 888)
  • Universal Tracker port: 7710
    (Gosafe G91L, H020 Multi-Function, XY006 Watch GPS Tracker)
  • GALILEO port: 7711
  • Autofon port: 7712
    (Autofon Mayak v5, Autofon Mayak, StarLine M17)
  • ASC port: 7713
    (ASC-1, ASC-3, ASC-7, ASC7-GE, ASC-8)
  • Ruptela port: 7714
    (FM-Pro4, FM-Eco4+, FM-Tco4, FM-Eco4 light)
  • GRANIT port: 7709
    (Granit V6, Granit V3)
  • NAVISET port: 7715
  • NavisTrack port: 7716
    (Navitrack UM-04, РЎРќ-5704, РЎРќ-5707)
  • INTELLITRAC port: 7707
    (IntelliTrac X1 Plus, NAVITRACK GSTM32V1)
  • GT06 port: 7718
  • BCE port: 7719
    (FM Light, FM Light+, FM Blue, FM Blue+)
  • OKO_NAVI port: 7721
    (OKO_NAVI: 3N5)
  • M2M port: 7722
  • GPSMARKER port: 7723
    (M130, M80, M70, M100, M60)
  • GPSWATCH port: 7724
    (Q50 W5 Bluetooth 4.0 GSM )
  • Universal Tracker 2 port: 7725
    (H02 Location memorization vehicle GPS car gps tracker)
  • ZENDA port: 7728
  • MEITRACK port: 7727
  • MINI_FINDER port: 7730
    (MiniFinder Pico, MiniFinder Atto, SaR-mini,EVВ­07,EVВ­07P,EV-601,EV-602,EV-603,EV-606,EVВ­07P,TE-207,TE-200,GPS668)

When sending by UDP

  • ASC_GEOPOS port: 7720
    (ASC-0.1 GEOPOS)

    If you do not know what protocol works on your device, configure it to port 7726 and contact technical support